About PDF Form Filling

About automatic PDF Form Filling with WordPress

Filling out the same PDF forms for your clients over and over again? It’s exhausting. Our solution will make your job easier! PDF Forms Filler is a WordPress plugin that lets you create web-based forms from your PDF file. Your website visitors will be able to independently fill out a web form to create a PDF file with their information. The PDF file filled with the necessary data can be then sent to the visitor’s email, administrator’s email, downloaded by the visitor and/or saved on your web server.

PDF Forms Filler helps you get your job done efficiently and automate your business processes.

Possible use cases include:

  • Education organizations can automatically provide a certificate of completion for online courses.
  • Organizations can allow applicants to fill out job appliactions directly on their website.
  • Companies can allow their clients to enter into contracts automatically on their website.
  • Event organizers can automate registrations and admission tickets.
  • Government services can allow their website visitors to fill out forms.
  • Businesses can allow customers to fill out forms for warranty service.
  • Companies can ask clients to fill out standardized request for proposals on their website.
  • Any situation in which a website visitor can cause a PDF file to be filled with data and sent to the user or the website administrator.

If you still manually send a copy of the PDF file to each of your clients to fill out or do it for them then this plugin is for you. Start saving your time with PDF Forms Filler!

Where to begin?

In short:

  1. Install the Contact Form 7 plugin and create a contact form.
  2. Install PDF Forms Filler on your WordPress site.
  3. Create or use an existing PDF file..
  4. Attach a PDF file to it and generate form fields from it. Publish the form on your website.
  5. Start receiving automatically filled PDF files in your email.

For a more detailed overview, go to Getting Started.