How to create a PDF file

As the name “PDF Forms Filler” suggests, this software “fills” existing PDF files. You must already have a PDF file with a form ready to go before you start using the plugin. If you do, then skip to the next step. Otherwise, let us help you create one!

Types of PDF forms

Today there exist two PDF form standards: AcroForm and XFA. XFA forms are deprecated, so, unless you are working with an old PDF file, you are probably going to be dealing with AcroForms.

Software selection

There is a large array of software products that can be used for creating a PDF with a form:

Creating a PDF

If you have experience with desktop publishing software, this task is going to be a breeze for you. Otherwise, you may want to catch up on desktop publishing principles.

To get started with creating your PDF form, select the software you want to use. Once you are comfortable with your selection, create a new PDF file, start building your form. You will need to think of a layout, add instructions and form labels, and, finally, insert and configure your form fields.

Once your PDF file is ready, you can go on to the next step.