How to provide the filled PDF file to the user

When your user submits your contact form, you may want them to receive the filled PDF file. You can set up your form to send the filled PDF file to the user’s email. You can also provide a temporary download link to the filled PDF file after the user submits the form.

How to send a filled PDF file by mail

After you attach the PDF file, click on the Options button, check the Attach to primary email message box and save the changes.

Keep in mind that email message attachment size is limited and your mail server may reject your message if your filled PDF is too large.

CF7 has a secondary email message feature, so, you can also elect to attach your PDF to that message as well.

How to download the filled PDF file

If you want the plugin to generate a link to download the file after submitting the form, check the box next to Add filled PDF download link to form submission response.

The PDF download link will become available after the user submits the form.

Keep in mind that the download link is valid for 1 hour by default.

Please see description of all options for more information.